Adalet Sertan Ayhan

Sertan A. Ayhan (1978  – –  2014 )  Professional Summary


Started working in Ankara at the Ministry of İnterior as an inspector.


Started as an auditor for the Turkish Court of Accounts  (Sayıştay). Where he undertook the position of auditing the Government Ministries, Turkish Embassies, and also the Turkish Armed Forces.


Moved to İzmir and took place in the establishment of Tek Manyetik Sanayi ve

Tic. A.Ş..  This company later changed its name and became “RAKS Elektonik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.‘’.    RAKS  eventually became Europe’s Largest and  the worlds 3 largest Magnetic Media, Audio, Video, CD, DVD manufacturer.

Established  RAKS Elektirkli Ev Aletleri Sanayi ve Tic A.Ş.  ( Manufacturing  Household Appliences )

Established  Rapak  Ambalaaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Print House for packaging needs of RAKS group companies)

Established  Raks Dış Ticaret A.Ş.   ( International marketing company for RAKS  group companies)


Established  RAKS Elektronic GmbH  in München Germany.

Took place as  a  ‘Consultant’  with the  T.C. Culture Ministry  at the Turkish National Assembly during discussion involving the Radio Television Copyright and Royalty Laws.

Established  Turkey’s first  Franchise Chainstore  ‘RAKSOTEK’ .

Established  Azerbaycan’s first  Private Owned Radio Station and Recording Studio ‘’ Bakı-Raks ‘’ in the city of BAKU


Commisioned a detailed study of the NYSE and TOKYO Stock Exchange.  In result  established  a broker firm  named  KAZANÇ Menkul Değerler A.Ş. .   With offices in the 3 major cities of Turkey;  Izmir, Ankara and  Istanbul Served as Chairman and General manager of KAZANÇ A.Ş.  for 3 years.

1988- 1989 

At this point  the total turnover of the Raks group companies had reached over

1.3 Billion USD


Established  6  Television  channels  and  8 Radio stations and took position as the Chairman of all  these establishments.   These Are;

NumberOne TV

Discovery Channel

History Channel


Fashion TV

Genç TV

Karadeniz TV


Established  RAKS Müzik Yapım A.Ş.  in Istanbul.  By contracting music artists, In 1 years time was able to accomplish the first music album market in Turkey


Established Turkey’s  most modern and high tech recording studio  ‘’Marşandiz Ltd. Şti. ‘’   (www.


Entered the  government bid for Turk Telekom  ‘’WLL-Wireless Local Loop’’ project  together with  American DSC Comunication.


Openned and launched to the public 2 of the RAKS group Companies  on the

Istanbul Stock Exchange. ,

Raks Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.  and

Raks Ev Aletleri Sanayi

By the end of the same year Raks Elektronik San. Tic. A.Ş.  Shares where being processed  on the  NYSE, NASDAQ  markets with the  “ADR”  code


Took place as a charter member and one of the founders of  MÜ-YAP (Müzik

Yapımcıları Meslek Birliği)  ( Professional Producers Associaiton). Took position as supervision board member for 3 years


Established  RSS – Raks Savunma Sanayi A.Ş. ( RAKS Defence Industry).  Took position as Chairman of the Board .

Signed an OFFSET agreement with The Boeing Company  in the value of   500 Million USD  in the frameworks of  Industrial Participation Programs  for the ‘’ Airbone Early warning and Communication (AEW&C) Systems

Project ‘’

Signed contracts with Turaya (Satellite Communication Co., Etisalat (GSM Operator) and  Saif Group    located in Dubai and Abudabi for  The Boeing Company’s Offset oblication  to the UAE  ( United Arab Emirates)  in the amount of  2,5 Billion USD.

Established   RAKS GULF  Company  together in partnership with SAIF GROUP in the Dubai Free Zone.

Signed Offset agreement  regarding  United Technologies (Sikorsky)

Offset obligations for the “Sea Hawk ve Black Hawk” helicopters sales to the Turkish Government. ( Obligation  of  300 Million USD )

Signed contracts regarding Offset agreements with GE Trading, Continental Edison, Giat Industries and WallMart .

Signed contract with  “IP2- Industrial Participation Projects LLC” in referance to USA Offset obligation of 300 million USD  in Venezuella, Philippines, Brazil, Nigeria.

Represented In Turkey the following Companies :  “Page Iberica”  (Spain)

“ EMS Satcom” (Canada) , “Kongsberg Seatex’’ ( Norvegian) ,  “Lucent Technologies” (USA),  “ Tadiran” (Israel) ,   “ BVR” (Israel).

Installed and Commissioned  RCC Radyo Stations  for the Cyprus Coast

Line. ( Government Bid)

Upon the request of the maritime undersecretary of the Turkish Rep. the          installation and commissioning of the  “Otomatic Identification System”  of         the OTC transponders project was completed.

The upgrade of the  “Voice  Communication Systems” of the Turkish

Airports institution has been completed


Finalized the sale of  4 of our music production companies of Raks Müzik Yapım A.Ş. to   Universal Music Company.

Established a partnership with the Doğan Group  to open “D&R” chairstores. ( Music and Book Store ). Took place as a board menber in D&R Chain Stores.

Executed the first sale of a Television Station in Turkey.

Sold  2 television stations from the RAKS Group.

o Erya Yayıncılık A.Ş. “BRT Television- National  Licence” at  44.5 million USD. o Tek Yayıncılık A.Ş.  “ Ulusal TV – Regional Licence” at 16 million USD.


Together with the global  economical crisis  and later with the  annoncement of moratorium at  SSCB a financial  crisis hit  the RAKS Group and all of its  48  subsidarry companies.

My team and I lead  series of agreements with 16 bank Simultaneously to arrange financial stability for the group.

At that time Raks Group was accomplishing  250 Million USD in annual export with a total turnover of 850 million USD annually.

For over  22 years that I have spent in the RAKS group (RAKS Holding) .   I have taken part as a share holder, board member, general koordinator and also as Chairman of  28 of the subsidary companies with in the RAKS HOLDING group.  I have represetned the RAKS HOLDING Group at the highest level on all  local and  international agreement and contracts.  I have served as the sole responsable of all jurisprudence problems, local government relation, finance issues, investment projects in the RAKS Group

In 2006 I have resigned from my position as  Executive Vice Chairman of RAKS HOLDING  and have decided to continue on my own :

At this moment I am a major share holder  and /or  sole right of signature for the following Media companies.

Genç Tv,

Lounge FM,

Marşandiz stüyoları,


Raks Müzik Prodüksiyonları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Note: I also have interest in other Media companies where I am not a major share holder.  If requested I can also send detailed information on my other involvments.

Also a study for a new television channel is in progress ::


Projects: Luxury Media Group

The Global Luxury TV

Luxury Lounge Radio

Luxury Magazine

Luxury Diamond Club

Luxury Diamond Card

Luxury Properties

Luxury Bars

Luxury Marketplace

Luxury Travel

Eurasia Broadcasting Music TV,

Satellite radio,


EMC Group

Entertainment Media Communication Grop.


RAMSAV ( Raks Music  Culture and  Art Academic Foundation) Founder


Empire Entertainment İnc. (entertainment production agency)

–     Experience in concept development, design, talent acquisition, production and media

Eurasia Media Association


PTT- Posta sağlık ve Eğitim Vakfı / President