Rashid Behbudov with Memories

President Ilham Aliyev
Rashid Behbudov Song Theater
Rashid Behbudov Street
The Great Leader Haydar Aliyev
Everybody loved him. He had endless love in Azerbaijan. But I’d liketo speak about any feelings. I loved very much. For a long time and for many years we had close friendly relations between ourselves.. And he was very dear for me. No doubt, as a singer, actor he was unique in the performance of the Azerbaijan. National songs, beautiful opera arias, work of composers. At the same time Rashid was a very nice man. We used to meet often. I am happy as one day I had a change to help him in foundation of the Song Theatre. And besides, I’ve done may best in developing his creative activites and to manifest himself And his talet more vividly.

We will remember him forever.

Great Legend

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